Far from Terminated

I realize it has been FOREVER since I’ve updated, and my own laziness with this site is blame among other things.  In addition to the information I have provided, I would like to make things even easier for you by providing links to where you can view and even purchase the items

Info sharing and Feedback

It is highly encouraged for you, the visitor, to share knowledge and experiences you’ve accumulated in your war on bed bugs.  Your intel and war stories on how you managed to kill bed bugs yourself would help provide inspiration to others fighting the same battles and would also assure them that they

Introduction: The War is On!

Hello Soldier, Welcome to my Bed Bug Guerrilla Warfare page! You are likely here because you would like to learn how to handle the bloodsucking scourge known as the bed bug on your own, without the costly assistance of an exterminator.  Having dealt with bed bugs, regardless of the level of infestation