Hello Reader,


As is the case with an increasing number of people in the United States and as the case may be with you, I have unfortunately tasted my fair share of battle with the bloodsucking scourge commonly known as the bed bug.  I have experienced a huge amount of stress as a result: hiring a professional exterminator and the high costs it incurs (hundreds and sometimes even THOUSANDS of dollars!); the degree of prep I had to do prior to the visit (removed all my pictures and posters from the walls; cleaning out my closets to bag up all my clothing to take to the laundromat to wash and dry; and the feelings of isolation and shame that came with harboring bed bugs (afraid of having guests over, afraid of telling family and friends about it in fear of being judged and shunned like the plague).


I have created this site to share with you the knowledge of how to kill bed bugs yourself:  not only what I myself have learned and experienced in eradicating this bloodsucking scourge, but I will also share additional methods  that friends and family I have talked to have employed to deal with their bed bug issues, WITHOUT the help of exterminators and the high costs such help incurs.  Just as a disclaimer: the information that will be provided here is NOT a guarantee that you will eradicate your little night terrors, but if you lack the funds for a professional bed bug annihilator, these methods will have an enormously positive impact on you and your family while greatly reducing enemy forces with the POTENTIAL to wipe them out over time through consistent and regular application.


My site will be constantly changing and evolving, and if you have any battle stories against bed bugs you’d like to share, this is the place to share.  If you have tips, tricks or insight that have been a huge help in your war on bed bugs, your intel would be a huge asset to others fighting their silent wars.  By using the tactics discussed here along with other methods, not only will you have peace of mind, fewer bed bugs, and more blood in your veins, but you will come away with precious knowledge and experience that can be applied later and can be shared with others.  Knowledge and awareness are the greatest weapons in our arsenal.


If you have any questions or comments about anything on my site, feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.  Even if I may not know the immediate answer, we can find the answers together.  We are all friends and allies here, and my goal is to promote knowledge and growth in the interest of defeating our common adversaries.


I wish you the best of luck in your ongoing battle, and I hope that what you learn here will be of great value to you on your home battlefield.


Best Regards,


Founder of Bed Bug Guerrilla Warfare and your Comrade in Arms